Your Life

Good morning and Happy Tuesday everyone. You always hear people talking about your life should have been this or could have been that, only if this would have happened or if you had done this at that particular time. Life is too short. Life is full of the good and the bad as well as the unknown at times. Remember as kids growing up and how people would always ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” We gave those answers because that in fairness is what we wanted to be. We wanted to take on those professions and yet we knew so little about all that came with those professions. We were kids back then so we had to grow up and find out how things really operate. There are some people out there who lived the life that wanted to live and then there are some of us who came close. Then there are those of us whose lives didn’t go as planned. Here is where I am going with this. Life is precious and you can be here and then the next day you can be gone. Your life may not have gone as you had hoped it to go, but you can be down about that. You ca’t just be in a funk or depression because the way you had visioned your life to go and to be is not happening, at least not at the moment. Stay hungry because even though your plan for your life didn’t go how you saw fit, that just means that another plan has already been put in place. It may take you awhile to get to how you want your life to still be, but just know that your life is still in tact and your way of doing it just has to slightly change. Having life is a blessing in so many ways. You wake up every day with just at least one more chance to better your life as well as someone elses life. Don’t take it for granted. Speaking from personal experience, my life didn’t exactly go how I had planned but I had to alter a few things and change up my game plan. It all started with the many blessings I have had and still continue to get. This is why even though you feel your life is in shambles, there are so many others out there who would give so much to enjoy a piece of what your life is like and have a better life than what they are currently experiencing. I think about all of the kids at children’s hospitals, homeless individuals who have nowhere to go, I could go on and on. That is why is so important to appreciate life and especially the life you have. You not be where you feel you should be at this point in your life, but your life is bette than it was from before. Lastly, another reason why you should appreciate your life is because you can have it all today and it can be gone tomorrow. How many times have you looked on tv and saw someone hit the lottery and receive a significant amount of money? Their lives change and they splurge and spend it on so many out of the ordinary things. Next time you look up and they have blown all of the money. A lot of those people will say that they were better off before ever winning the lottery. Then there are people that we may personally know or not know and mother nature comes in with a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornado and wipes out homes. People left with nothing but their lives. Then there are people that have to stop working due to health reasons. Then you have people that unfortunatley get into vehicular accidents and their lives change forever. These things happen and then you have to adjust accordingly. It’s hard but God, who is the creator of all protects us all and gave us life. You will get through whatever you’re going through in your life. Remain patient and obedient.

Have a blessed day out there!

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