What are you inspired by?

Good afternoon everyone out there and I hope that you are enjoying your Thursday. I was asked by someone yesterday what truly inspires me? Well my answer to that is several things and people inspire me. I am inspired by single mothers and fathers who handle their business raising their kids and we all know that a mother’s job is never easy and it never ends. I am inspired by people that have medical conditions and/or diseases but never complain. They continue to live their lives each and everyday and don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for them. They just want to live and do it through their kids! I am inspired by the people out there struggling to make ends meet. What about those people who have skils to work but nobody will hire them? Yet they still go out each and everyday to keep filling out those applications, sending in those resumes and meeting with recruiters and just won’t quit until they are on the payroll somewhere. The people who went to school and obtained degrees but cannot find a job in there field, yet they still will not give up chasing their dreams to work in their field. I am inspired by the hard working men and women in my family. They have stood the test of time and my older relatives that came before me laid down the blueprint of what family is and means and hard work, blood, sweat and tears. I am inspired by those individuals that stand for a positive cause and who will fight the good fight. I am inspired by Jesus who made the ultimate sacrifice for us all. I am inspired by people who volunteer their time to help others. I am inspired by people who give back with no hidden agenda. I am inspired by prayer and life itself. Too many people to name at this time that have been inspirational figures in my life and there are a lot of people on television in many different avenues that can give inspiration not only to myself but to others. There are people in the communities all over the world that want to help, that want to see people doing better than what they are currently doing. When you are inspired by something or someone, it’s their vision and drive and determination to continue to help and to be successful.

What inspires you?

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