What does time mean to you? Are you on time or late? Let me give you my perspective on time. Time waits for no one. It ticks as we live and speak. It’s a precious commodity that we are blessed to have. How do you value time? Time is of the essence and we need to realize what it truly is. God’s timing is something we can’t fight it change.Do you value time or waste time? We make tine for what we want. We make time for what we need. We have no control over time just the factors that okay into time. Use your time wisely to plan and not to play.If tine rolls over what are you doing with your time? Spend it right and wisely. You may not have tine for games but allow yourself tine to know Christ. Allow yourself to know what’s going on and access each situation. Have tine to be successful and Happy. God’s timing is unpredictable but on his watch.Appreciate time you have to spend with loved ones. Appreciate the time you can spend on yourself and to be a better person. Happiness conquers everything
Have a blessed day everyone!

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