The Year That Was

It was definitely a year to remember for many reasons. In sports you had teams winning it all after many tries. Legends going out on top and others retiring after stellar careers. We lost many musical icons and people you grew up watching on TV go to a better place. The tragedies we read about in the news on all levels. A new President elect and all of the political controversy. Natural disasters all over the country from floods to hurricanes to earthquakes and the aftermath of people losing their lives and homes and their lives changed forever. It’s been a year that’s for sure. Now take a moment to look at your life for 2016 and all that happened to you. Think about your friends, Co-workers, colleagues,family close and far and how this year changed their lives. Loved ones receiving their wings in heaven. God bless their souls. Then there are new additions to your families in the forms of children as well as people getting married. There were good and bad but that’s part of life. So as this year comes to an end, what do you expect for 2017? What would you change and will you change anything about yourself? Are you satisfied with how the year went for you? What can you do to improve your life? Do you have any goals or something you want realistically for the new year? My prayer is that we all love each other regardless of race, skin tone, size. My prayer is that we give more and open our hearts more. 

Have a blessed day everyone!

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