Stop Complaining

There’s a reason why when you ask a person, “How are you doing?” and they reply with, “I can’t complain” and then what comes next is, “It wouldn’t do you any good.” People complain about any and everything to anyone that will listen. Complainers usually are people who make up excuses. Excuses as to why they are not where they’re supposed to be in life, someone has held them back, they weren’t as fortunate financially as they next person, etc. Everyday that you wake up is a blessing and you should take full advantage of that alone. On top of that, it’s what you’re complaining about but yet in still there are millions of people struggling out there who would give anything to be in your shoes. People fighting to stay alive die to health complications, lack of food, poor, homeless, no employment, fixed incomes and can only do so much, no insurance, but you sit there and gripe and complain as if you don’t have anything. You have a lot more than others. Take a second out of your day and look at what you have compared a year or 2 years ago. Then look out on the streets at people holding up signs and they may actually need some help but no one cares anything about them. We all at some point in our lives have been through the struggle in some capacity but we don’t complain because we know that God has our back. I have known people in my life that have had financial increases big time and lost it all but they never complained because they knew no one was going to give them anything. What I am saying is that if you’re going to complain, talk to God about whatever you’re going through. Maybe you need to make some changes in yourself before you go public with it. It can be fixed so instead of complaining, continue to live and make better decisions. The result will be different in the end.

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