Someone’s Story

When I write it may not necessarily be about me. It could be about someone else.  It’s about experiences people have in life and how they deal with them and get through them. It could very well be about someone who shared something with me and I was inspired by it. You may not know the person but listen to them and their story. Does it impact you in any way? Can you relate to what it is they’re saying? Does it move you at all? Sometimes you may not get it but you understand what it being said. It may not pertain to you but there will be at least one person who it may pertain to. You may not care about the words you read but someone out there does. You may bypass the information but someone else will pay attention to it and read it and pass it along as it may be helpful to someone in need.  Lastly, you may not need any kind of motivation or inspiration and that’s good for you. There are lots of us that do need and want inspiration and to be motivated.

This is simply for anyone that has a story or a testimony out there about something that has been meaningful and others can learn from what you have experienced.

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