I am silent because I can be. I am silent because I choose to be. I am silent because I need to be. Silence is a great strength to possess. I can speak to you without saying a word. I can communicate to you just by looking at you. Silence is golden and I can express my feelings in this manner. Silence isn’t a bad thing. It’s better to be remain silent simply because of all of the things that are on your mind and on your heart. Being silent is a powerful tool to have. It is also a very great reply to true wisdom. Just because a person is quiet doesn’t always mean anything is wrong. Maybe they are just very cautious and careful about who they open up to. Let your silence be calming to your soul. If you cannot understand a person’s silence, how will you be able to understand their words? A person could be just in deep thought, a great observer or just simply put not interested in saying anything. I like to think that if a person is silent they can be at peace with things as well. Do not take a person’s silence as a sign of weakness.

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