See The Light

When you see light at the end of a tunnel, go ahead and move towards that light. Put yourself in a position to be one step ahead and gravitate towards the opportunity. When the lights go dim you’re at a standstill and you’ll settle. The light shines bright and there’s hope. Hope to let you realize that it’s going to get better. We all have an abundance of talent and heart but you must not be stuck in the rut. Your ability to do your best is something is what you need to do and you need to see it for yourself. You’ll always have God in your corner. When you wake up look in the mirror and inside of yourself. The light shines on you because you were built for whatever comes your way. Don’t spend time guessing or pondering why,what,how or when. Just focus on you being your best and knowing there’s a brighter day and a better way. The plan is in place so you need to open your eyes and trust the man above always. Always believe and go for it. You have nothing to lose but time so use that time wisely.

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