Remaining Patient

Patience doesn’t come easy it develops over time. What are you in a hurry to do? Things will come and so will people when they’re supposed to. You are trying to rush whatever it is in your life to happen but you have no control over it. You may reach out to someone and they may not respond or have a delay in responding to you. That doesn’t mean you’ve been forgotten it simply means that they have things in their life that they’re taken care and they’ll get to you when the time is right. You have to remain positive throughout all of these situations. You ever feel like you’re the only one making a continuous effort in a friendship or any other kind of relationship but you get not as much feedback as what you put out? Just be patient and if it is solid and meant to be then let it run it’s course. You may have to wait longer than anticipated to find out what is for you or to get an answer. Along with patience comes understanding. Understand that it’s not just about you. Know that you’re loved and appreciated but people will not just drop what they’re doing for you.  People have families, loved ones and other things that require a lot of their time. You are loved but just from a distance. Remember that God has a plan for everyone and singles no one person out. Don’t get down because you feel like no ones cares. Don’t get down because things didn’t go as planned. Work may be stressing you out but just know that things will get better but allow your patience to overcome whatever it is that is bothering you. Be patient and know that God’s plan for you has already started to take its shape and your patience will pay off. In the meantime while you’re being patient, keep doing what you do each and everyday. Time waits for no one and you still have to do what is necessary each day.

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