Remaining Humble

No matter what has happened in your life learn to remain humble. Realize that you are no better than anyone else but also know that you are different from everyone else. Look at the past and know where you come from. There may have been times when you may have been down and out and didn’t have much. You remained humble and knew that better days would be ahead. You may be in a position these days where you may have more than before but you are grateful because you had less. There is always a lesson to learned and involved with everything that we do. If you don’t accept humility and know what it means, life has a way of showing it to you. No matter what it is that we do each and everyday, we should be trying to make a difference in others’ lives. When you do things, do them for a better cause and purpose, not for cheers and recognition. We all have a voice so use it in the right way for expression and not impression. We all learn so much better in a humble state of mind. Humility is when you can receive praise for doing good and then accepting criticism when things aren’t so good. Being humble really does matter. Never let any failures that you have sink into your heart. Never let any success you have in life go to your head. The ones that truly understand humility are silent when it comes to having victories. God is always teaching to be humble in many ways.

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