Pursue Your Dreams

Everyone has a dream or had one that they wanted to come true. There is a saying that says, “Dreams Come True”. How do your dreams become a reality? Well it starts with your pursuit of your dream. How bad do you want your dream to happen? You have to be hungry and make sacrifices. You’re going to fail at trying but never give up and keep pushing towards that dream. Many people will tell you that you won’t make it or that your dream is not possible. Making those sacrifices meaning that you’ll lose sleep, time away from loved ones to see your vision come to fruition. You may get knocked down more than once but keep getting back up each time. Some people have dreams but become stagnant and are satisfied at where they are in life. They are just ok with their position. Also when you have a dream and people tell you that it won’t work, you have to spend more time perfecting your ideas. Be patient because your vision for the dream you have may take a year, 2 years or longer. Things fall into place for a reason so as long as you believe and put the action behind what it is you’re trying to accomplish, your dream will become a reality. Even after your dream comes true, you’ll find out you have to work just as hard if not harder to maintain your success. Someone else may have the same dream as you but you must take a different path and make your ideas and creativity stand out from everyone else. You’re going to encounter bumps along the way but remember to separate yourself from those people who aren’t supporting you. Keep your focus on what’s most important. People in life will sell you dreams all day everyday but don’t buy into any of that. Risks will need to be taken. If you don’t take a risk then you’ll always wonder what if. Follow your dreams and make them come true.

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