There are many reasons to be in a positive state of mind. First off we are so blessed. Blessed to see the light of a new day. That by itself should be a good enough reason. Whatever happened on yesterday is now in the past, a memory. You cannot change the past but being that it is a new day it is another opportunity to be better than the day before. When you look at the news and just the state of the world in general, there are enough events out there that can make you upset, depressed and anything in between. I am just positive about everything. There is a silver lining I believe to every situation. Try and find the good in everything even thought it may seem as if the walls are caving in, the roof is falling and you just cannot seem to catch a break. All of this is temporary. When you are positive you bring good energy and others tend to feed off of that. The positive should always outweigh the negative. Start off each day with being thankful for just another day. You should look in the mirror and smile and be confident because you have a chance to make today the best day of your life. Know that no matter what is thrown at you each day, all obstacles can be conquered and overcome. Have the mindset that you can do whatever it is and if God puts it in front of you, embrace it. Being positive is way way of life and it shows a person’s great character. Look at it this way, we need more positive people out here in the world. I think about anyone who volunteers their time to and for a cause. Theses people are not doing it fora paycheck, they’re simply doing their part to help because they care and they display their positive attitudes and mindset. It then starts to sink in. When you surround yourself with positive people, great things happen. Your way of thinking changes and you start to see that greater things happen. These are the people that lead by example and expect nothing in return. They get the satisfaction of seeing smiles on others’ faces. I hope I was able to give you some insight as to why positivty is so important.

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