New Year 

Good morning and Happy Monday everyone. 2017 is officially here! Lots of people are making resolutions, promises and then some about what they will do. I personally didn’t wait for the new year to make resolutions. I am just taking things one day at a time. Yes it is a new year and a fresh start for a lot of people. I plan to continue to grow in the spirit, to give more to those in need, to be better as a person and know my true worth. For 2017, please know and believe you are special, you are somebody, you are one of many God’s children. Everyone has a village but who all are you allowing into your village? Are you going allow your circle to expand? Lord I ask for more forgiveness than before and to protect all of us. Just because 2016 ended doesn’t mean you can’t still receive your blessings in the New year. God is merciful and understands that we experience heartache,loss of loved ones. It is about how you react and take a proactive approach. I pray for all of us to have properity, more understanding, and positive influence however it shall come.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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