Never Forget

Good morning and Happy Monday everyone. I wanted to talk about never forgetting about people that helped you along your journeys in life. Our paths that we take are similar in some cases and different in other cases. We all come from different upbringings and circumstances. Yes some were better than others but we went through the struggles and made something of ourselves. There were many people at different times that impacted and helped you to become the person you are today. They helped mold us and made countless sacrifices. Never forget these people because they have the help and support because they cared about you and wanted to see you do better than them. I think about our parents and grandparents and how they had to survive with less help and resources. I’ve been blessed by the best and by some loving and caring individuals. A bridge is built a piece at a time. The people that helped you and came before you laid out the blueprints. Now it’s time for us to follow the blueprints and finish the project. God is good and the master blueprints. Have a fantastic day today!

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