Never Alone

Ever notice someone who is always by themselves? Do you ever try and find out why they are alone? Maybe it is by choice or because maybe they are not accepted. Being alone can be rough at times. You feel that no one cares or that people are just too busy to have time for you. Well some of that may be true because for one there are just not enough hours in the day. Second, a lot of people just aren’t going to sympathize with you or feel sorry for you depending on your age. They may feel that this is something depending on your age that you should be able to fix and figure out. That doesn’t mean that they don’t care it just means that more attention has to be applied to their own lives and what goes on in them. This is where prayer comes into play. A person may be alone and even walk alone but they are truly never alone. Just because a person chooses to stay to themselves doesn’t mean they are not happy or enjoying life. Being alone is a choice you make and it is not a bad thing. I can speak for myself that when I am alone I am at peace. If I haven’t found my peace at that moment I am going to find it. Being alone gives you a chance to gather your thoughts, look at a situation without interruptions. You are never alone please know that. The journey you take in life will be different than everyone else’s. We all take different paths, cross different highways and roads in life, but God is always with us to steer us in the right direction. Your loved ones are there as well but God is watching your every move. Being alone is not always sad, it’s also happy times and time to reflect on certain things. You are never alone. There is always at least one person out there that can relate to what you are dealing with. You are never alone because of the knowledge you obtained from others along the way. I believe that is called wisdom. If you someone is feeling alone and may need some support, try and reach out to that person. Love on them and let them know that someone is there for them. We sometimes need to be reminded that we are all beautiful beautiful people and will have situations in our lives that will cause grief, pain, hurt and harm. You are never alone and it’s important to have that support. You don’t have to know the person who can relate to what you’re going through and it can be someone random. You are loved and know that our faith alone saves us. When no one else can be there for you during loneliness, turn to God for your comforting, love and support. You are never alone. I look at all of the homeless people out in the streets and they have fallen on hard times and hardships. They are alone and need help. All they are looking for is some support and caring from someone. It’s easier said than done. Lastly, people that do comfort you and love you and support you do so with no judgement. Have a blessed day everyone.

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