Look Into The Eyes

Ever looked into someone’s eyes and wondered what they are thinking? The eyes can tell a lot about someone. Speakers use eye contact as a way to connect to their audiences and get their attention. Eyes can reveal many emotions as well. Some of those include fear, strength, happiness, sadness and love, just to name a few. Looking through your own eyes what do you see? It’s not so much at times what you see but how you see with your eyes. Just because your eyes are closed, doesn’t mean you’re sleeping. Some of us have our eyes open but aren’t seeing anything. Sometimes when you cry memories come out of your eyes. One thing for sure is that when we try and hide our feelings, our eyes will do the speaking for us. Making eye contact can sometimes be more important than any words can ever be. Just maybe our eyes need to be washed out ever so often so that we can see with a better and much clearer view.

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