Let the healing begin

Good morning everyone and Happy Friday to each of you out there. Today is a new day and that means yesterday cannot be changed, only reflected on, remembered and reminisced about. I was watching television yesterday only to learn that TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager passed away at the age of 65. Prayers go out to his family and loved ones. Anyone that has experienced the loss of a loved one or someone you watched on television that may have touched your life has had to deal with the loss and the sorrow and sadness that comes with it. Yes it is so tough to deal with because a lot of times people start to beat themselves up. They start saying to themselves, “I wish I could have done more, I should have been there for this, etc.” Beating yourself up isn’t going to help.We never truly get over the loss of a loved one or anyone leaving us. You have to heal but more importantly you have to know how to heal. I’ve learned that it is always good to talk to someone. Talk to someone that will just be able to listen. A good cry and venting helps because bottling away your feelings doesn’t help you or stress. No one can ever fully prepare us for death, but we heal our hearts by doing simple things. Think about the good things and good memories and moments that person had and how they had an impact on your life. Look at your connection to them and how you’re linked to that person. Call on God because prayer is powerful and it works. Some days will be better than others but we have to live on through these people because that’s what they would want. Time doesn’t wait for anyone. It is precious but doesn’t have a stop button for it. It keeps going so you have to lean on others for your strength and stay encouraged. Know that better days are coming even though you feel that the stormy clouds are continuing to hover over you. You didn’t do anything wrong but you must realize that everyone has their own legacy in a way. You heal one day at a time. God is already working on you and your heart. Open your heart and your mind even more so than before. A good hug helps and someone telling you that they love you. You need a good support system in place around you so that these times when you feel like giving in and giving up will be much easier for you. There is a reason for the saying, “I can do all things through Christ.” Think about all of the positive contributions and also know that they were loved as well as yourself. It’s good to hear that from time to time. I too have experienced losses over time but my trust in God has allowed me to deal with the healing. Lord we just ask for daily strength and inner peace. In order to heal your heart, you have to know about the process which means yourself as a whole must heal. It does’nt happen overnight, in a month, it takes awhile. Each person is different in the way they deal with it but just know that God will allow you to heal and be better. Continue to celebrate them and their lives. You will be stronge in the long run. Properly healing can relieve the pain. Everything will be alright.

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