It Takes Time To Change

Things change and people do as well. What is important to know is that change doesn’t happen overnight or on someone else’s watch. If a person is going to change you can’t expect for them to just do it like nothing. It’s a process. It’s just like if you’re moving to a new state, getting into a new relationship, starting a new job, changing some habits you have, changing your lifestyle, I could go on and on. Instead of pointing fingers why not embrace the change. Changing something is not always an easy thing to do. When you change you transition but what people forget is that there are steps along the way that are needed for the changes to happen. You can’t look at someone and say they need to change things and you’re not perfect yourself. None of us are better each other or above. Let’s support someone that is going to make a change. Pray and hope for the best, that’s all that yo can do. Think about how hard it is for a person to acknowledge that a change needs to be made. They’re worried about what people are going to say and feel, are they going to be accepted? These are things that go through their minds. Now, every situation is different and sometimes changes just cannot be made. Then there are times depending on the circumstances that changes must be made no exceptions. Change should be for the better but do it for yourself and not to get a clap or a pat on the back. See God knows who we already are so you don’t need anyone telling you anything negative especially when you’re attempting to change for the better. The only things that people should tell you and give when it comes to changing is positivity, encouragement and love.