Help Not Hurt

Words are easy to say when they’re expressed. Words can be powerful depending on the meaning and the intentions. Be careful because words can hurt and cut deep like a knife. Certain things that people say stand out. If you’re not helping when you say something you’re hurting. If you want to help someone choose your words carefully. Yes there are those of us that may be a bit sensitive to certain things but everybody reacts differently to things. We all love to hear the good compliments and occasional constructive criticism but that’s for our own good and to help. It’s those derogatory, mean, cruel and evil words and intentions that do the most damage. Each situation is different but if you have a heart, you know right away when you’ve said something that nay have done some harm. The problem with this is that some people never get over harmful, hateful words. This is why it’s important to make the situation right and start there. Ask God for forgiveness and guidance so not only can their heart heal but yours as well. Again each situation is different but you get where I’m coming from. Sometimes just being the bigger person means the most and you can start with a sincere apology. There was a saying I would hear growing up. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Words do hurt and whether they come from a relative, friend, colleague, coworker, loved one or someone random. We have to do better and need to do better. This applies to us all from the bottom to the top. Do more help than harm because words that cause harm sometimes have serious repercussions.

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