Find Your Happiness

We all want to live life and be happy. I know several people out in the world we live in that have success but are not happy. What makes you happy? How do you define happy? Some people will work their entire lives and not be happy. Happy is defined as feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. To me happiness is getting to a place where you are stress free and satisfied and have no regrets. Being happy is an emotion that is great to have and experience. Smiling is part of being happy as well as laughter. There may be someone special in your life that brings happiness to you whether it’s a relative, or significant other. Serving God is definitely where your happiness should start. We all should be happy that we are blessed to wake up everyday. I am happy just to be able to give back to less fortunate. When someone is happy you can see it and they are the people you want to be around. I am happy when my family is together making new memories. I am happy when sports brings people together. Someone embracing you with a hug can make you happy as well. Some people will spend a lifetime trying to find who they are. Don’t spend your lifetime not being happy. They have made songs over the years about being happy. Being happy means that you are enjoying yourself and life. Even if it’s for a few moments out of the day, be happy and know that it is a good mood to be in.

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