Your destiny is out there to have and fulfill. Don’t deny yourself from reaching your destiny by being wrapped up in someone else’s life especially if they are not helping you get towards your destiny. People will come and go out of your life. If they leave, let them go but it just means that part of your life is closed and you move on. You must realize that the road you’ll be traveling to get to where to want to be has some detours along the way but you will need to understand why. In your life you will outgrow things and people. You let it go and don’t look back and embrace your new destiny. You don’t choose destiny, it chooses you. It is also important to take control of your destiny because if not someone else will. Our time in this world is limited and we will not be here forever and that is a fact. Another fact is that what you do between now and then is what matters most. It’s all about your choice so don’t wait on it to come to you and happen, go out there and achieve it. You will only get so many chances in life so make the most of them. People say often, “You’re destined for greatness”. If others can see you need to be able to see it too.

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