Dealing With Death

Losing someone is never easy nor is it an easy thing to deal with. Everyone grieves in their own way. It can be overwhelming at times and other times it can be easier to deal with. Sometimes we don’t realize how strong we are until our strength is all we have to go with. I’ve learned to hold on to the love and not the loss. Cherish and and all memories that bring a smile to you. Look at the legacy that person had and their impact on others. Look back at their spiritual life and how happy they were. Live life just as they did when they were here. Also realize that you should be encouraged each day and that they’re smiling down from the heavens above. They’re proud of who you are and who you’ve become. Find your way to deal with the loss. At times I know it’s difficult to smile and keep fighting back the tears. It’s okay to have a good cry. The pain won’t go away but you can make it easier for yourself. No one will truly understand what pain you’ve endured but just know that people do care and love you and when they reach out, they’re showing their support. You may have dark days and moments but those individuals who truly care for you will come to the light. Carry on their wishes, dreams and their drive. You’ll never get over losing someone but you’ll learn to live with it. We don’t know why God called this angel to heaven at this time, but it was their time. When our time comes then we’ll all be able to get together again and finally be at peace. Prayers go out to anyone that has lost someone in their lives. They’re forever in our minds and in our hearts.

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