When someone cares about you, you’ll know it. You ever had someone get upset with you or frustrated with you because you didn’t do something so small or simple? When they get upset it’s because they care and they know you need to do better. Their mind may be upset but it is their heart that truly cares. If they didn’t care they would not say or do anything to help. When someone cares that they make time for you. They are never too busy. Everyone in this world won’t always care about you so learn to appreciate the people in your life that do care. People who care give back, donate, reach out, just want to see other do better. These are the people that want to see others’ happiness more than their own. Show someone that you care. People that care let their actions speak for themselves. Caring is a way of life. At the same time people will care for you but it starts with you. You have to care enough about yourself. If you feel alone and feel as if no one cares, look to God. God loves us all and cares for us all. Then you need to look inside of yourself. Look inside and allow God to work on your heart. Yo have to know that you are someone very special and you need to see it for yourself. People do care but everyone shows how they care in different ways. The way you take pride in caring about your job and other people and other things that are important to you, use that same principle when it comes to yourself. Take pride in caring for yourself. When a person cares, others recognize it. Some people in this world act as if they don’t care, but their hearts are to pure and full of joy not to care. To care about anyone is something that is embedded in you. This is not something that happens overnight. When you care, you love caring.

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