Being Prepared

To be prepared means you are making ready for someone or something. It’s always good when you are one step ahead on preparation. For example, you may have a job interview with a company and it may be a good idea to know about the history of the place. Getting ahead means you’re planning a trip somewhere you’ve never been. Using a map or GPS is good to get ahead. Making a dry run is also a good idea so you’ll know what to expect for when it actually happens. Being prepared means you are confident in what you’ll be facing each day and you have prudent planning involved. Preparing means that you are setting yourself up for success even if it doesn’t necessarily turn out just as you had planned. You prepare for the worst case scenarios and pray and hope for the best. When you walk out that door each day you prepare for whatever curve balls life throws at you. It may not always be great but your preparation will put you in a position to be able to overcome whatever comes your way.  People prep everything from their clothes the night before for work the next day to prepping their food meals for the week to studying for an exam. It just comes in so many ways but it sets you up for a winning formula.

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