Beautiful Inside and Out

What do you see when you look at yourself? For those of you out there that have doubts, know what you’re worth. Know that beauty runs skin deep inside and out. God does not make mistakes when he creates us. We are all beautiful in our own ways. What one person may not find to be beautiful, someone else will. It has to start with your inner beauty. Love yourself enough to know that you are beautiful, you are someone important. Have self confidence to walk into a room and not have worries about your appearance or what others may say or think. Physical beauty is one thing and it is based on appearance alone. Inner beauty is something that others see and will gravitate towards. Being different is one thing but it is what makes your different that is beautiful. A person can have a beautiful spirit, soul, heart and mind. That’s part of the inner beauty. The beauty on the inside will always outshine the physical beauty. Inner beauty needs no make-up whatsoever. That’s the great thing about people. Knowing who they are on the inside. While you may like what you see on the outside, get to know them on the inside because that’s what’s important. Over time outer beauty can fade and can’t last but inner beauty can last forever. If others can see it, you have to be able to see it for yourself.

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