Stop finger pointing in life. You can’t go around pinpointing things and at people because you’re no better than anyone else. Quit pointing out a person’s flaws and what you believe is wrong with them. Who made you in charge? Last I checked there’s a higher power that doesn’t point at us but he just loves us no matter what we look like or what flaws we may have. Instead of pointing, why not open your hands and arms out wide and embrace someone. Yes we’re all different but get your life in order before you go trying to talk about someone, before you try to delegate to someone. Let God handle these things. Stay in your lane. Part of being a blessing to someone is staying true to God’s word and remaining obedient. Here’s something to remember. Don’t point, pray. Don’t assume, just ask. We all have work to do on ourselves and there’s always room to improve. Look in the mirror before you start to come down on others.

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